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March 09, 2010


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Lia Leendertz

Thanks for the link! Funnily enough you hit on something I have a bit of a problem with and have been wondering whether to come clean about. I reckon I can deal with most waste my garden produces but dont know what to do with the VAST amounts of rubble and stones I am constantly digging up from the soil. Obviously I was planning to fly tip it at a local beauty spot, but now I might use it under a new path. Ta!


One of my 2 is particularly accident prone to the point that one year at Christmas he took a gift wrappped pack of plasters into school to replenish their stocks. As he is 17 I am now nervous of him announcing he wants to learn to drive!


Aha, I have bags and bags of stones which I riddled out of my soil before realising I was on a total loser and should just live with it. Can I pop you some in the post? They are all stacked up around my camellia which is a really bad idea but there are so many I can't work out how to move them again.


Riddling soil is seriously hard work: not only will you keep bingo wings at bay but you may well end up with upper arms looking like a cross between Madonna and Desert Orchid.
It also involves a lot of bum shaking so be careful who is watching or you may overexcite old Mr Babbage from down the road.
Helpful Hint of the day.
The secret to easy riddling is to nail legs to the sieve so you don't have to carry the whole weight of soil.


Lia and Elizabeth - you will be amazed and delighted by how much rubbish can be hidden underneath even the tiniest path - after all, they hid an entire body under a very small patio in Brookside.

Helen - I love the plaster stash idea but am now already dreading Oscar behind the wheel of a car.

James - it's the only thing keeping Mr Babbage going - I can't stop now.

Martyn Cox

If I have a guilty pleasure, it's watching Total Wipeout. It goes hand in hand with a Saturday night take-away and a pint of real ale.

I've been following your blog on and off for a bit now but today I just had to comment...
it's a rare thing that something on't web gets more than an internal laugh from me but that accident report slayed me.
"Went for a high five and missed."
Absolutely brilliant!


I wish you lived closer. I have a ton of pebbles you could have. .

"Went for a high five and missed" -- that, that is classic. I didn't laugh at him, just with him, because I'd so totally do the same thing.

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