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March 29, 2010


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You can't start them too young with these things. I love the colour of that Heuchera.


Personally I am very keen on dividing Heucheras. I find that the best way is with a lawnmower or shredder. That way you get lots of small pieces that make excellent compost.

That said the one pictured (which I presume is Palace Purple or similar) is okay.

Especially when compared to Lime Rickey.


I can remember how much my boys weighed - one 9lbs and one 6lbs - no ounces, I'm a neat person! but I cant remember any other important facts so I am relieved that you are the same as I used to feel like a bad mother! My two, now 17 & 19 are very knowledgable about plants but try to hide it as it isnt cool!! My youngest says he doesnt care if he never visits another garden but I have told him that I reckon a love of gardening is in his blood and he will get to about 35 and crave a garden - we will see!!

A Modern Mother

Thanks for this idea ... and I have a huge clump of chives that would be perfect.


Oh maybe you can help me...I need to divide crocosmia. The bulbs are so congested. Do I just split with a spade and replant in smaller clumps or should I plant each little bulb separately? It's one of those jobs where I don't know where to start and just need a little nudge in the right direction. Thanks


Jo - I agree, although at 23 months Archie is more into destruction than division

James - I knew this would bring out your Heucheraphobic tendencies. I apologise for forcing you to look at such things, but this is Stormy Seas(I think - labels rarely stay around and my memory is appalling) and very useful groundcover.

Helen - so pleased I'm not the only one. I know they were all 6lb something or 7lb something and one of them had 12 oz in their too, just not sure which... But really, who needs to know these things? And yes, you know they'll be gardening addicts by their mid-30s - its a genetic inevitability.

AMM - hope you get on OK (also, makes for a very aromatic garden task)

Jo - You can divide the corms but to be honest, I'd just replant the smaller clumps, it works jsut as well and will make for a quicker impact.


It does work, this passing on the gene you know. Daughter used to trail along behind me in garden centres and nurseries. Now as an adult has an allotment and gets all excited about tulips.


Am feeling smug I identified it as Stormy Seas whilst JAS didn't. I suppose liking Heucheras and having that one in my garden might have helped me a eensy teensy bit though.

I have Lime Rickey too - shhh don't tell!

All Seasons Gardener

Hmm. I no longer have heucheras, and I'm not sure why. I think perhaps the Year of the Mice dealt with them. Arrival of Dog immediately after the Year of the Mice stopped the mice too. Do mice like heucheras? They ate all my crocus, I know that much.

I love dividing everything except Kniphofia, which fights back!

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