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March 01, 2010


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Wow, I always love your writing... sounds so idyllic.
We helped my mum plant a tree for both me and my younger brother when I was little. They both grew to the exact same size of both me and my brother, natures strange...but amazing I think. X


I bought my 10 apple trees from Adam's apples too. An absolutely fab company to deal with and so good with ditherers like me who really struggled to get the list down to 10. I dream of having enough land to be able to go and buy everything off his list, particularly the cider apple tree called Slack Ma Girdle!


Icklebabe - you should carry on the tradition and plant one for Jack and Milly - bet they'd love it and home grown fruit would make any future frugal weeks even easier. If you've not space for a tree or bush tree, you can get dwarf trees.

VP - Damn! Why did I not spot Slack Ma Girdle? I would have bought it for its name alone.


I wish I had enough room for an apple tree. I'm considering getting one of those small specimens which can be planted in a container, I've done that with a cherry tree, but I got the princely sum of one cherry off it last year, so I don't know if it's really worth it.


You can have Hangy Down and Hoary Morning as well!

Scented Sweetpeas

Aren't kids just fab at saying it how it is :-) The apple trees sound fab, we really must get some as the amount of apples we get through seems to go up every week :-o Shouldn't moan I know but I am starting to wonder if we have a secret pet horse somewhere!


We planted our fruit as a bundle of sticks 3 years ago. All are now clearly trees, if a bit little and skinny, but still real trees, taller than me and we had a plum last year. I do know just what you mean about the agonising and the indecision - took me months to choose.


Jo - I've planted a very small apple tree with two varieties grafted onto it at the pre-school. That might be worth a go.

VP - stop tempting me. I may have to purchase more next year now.

SS - I am in a similar position. I reckon these will save me at least £100 a year when they start producing.

Elizabeth - three years for a single plum? I am now starting to worry that this is going to be a longer wait than I first thought.

ann-marie powell

Love it! Literally made me laugh out loud. I bought an apple tree in November (Falstaff, not on your list...!), and waited for Archie to get home from school before planting it, expecting one of those unforgettable mother-son moments. He ran through the garage into the garden, I raised the tree in a v ceremonial fashion, almost brimming with tears and emotion, only to be met with a 'yuck, thats all muddy, you plant it. Can I watch cbeebies mummy?'. But you have photos and everything. Well done! x

Karen - An Artist's Garden

Ah bless, the kids look angelic.

Nice mini orchard, although it doesn't sound so mini to me (me with my one apple tree)


Ann-Marie - Brilliant! That's what I call an authentic reaction. I must just have caught my guys on a good day.

Karen - looks can be deceptive...

all seasons gardener

Ha! That's very much as I remember it. Took my little boy (now six foot three and designing computer games at college) tree planting when he was ten. His comment 'Mum, this is one of those winter things that would be better if it was a summer thing so I'm not going to do it again.'

And he didn't ...


ASG - Your son summed up the whole problem with tree planting quite beautifully!

Avis W.

Giving the kids the opportunity to select and plant their own trees is such a great idea! I want an orchard someday... Best,


Peasgood Nonsense.

Oscar should really have his own twitter account ;)


Avis - I know - I'd love a proper orchard one day, but for now my collection of sticks will have to do!

Myla - he probably already has...

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