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February 22, 2010


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Lia Leendertz

90 minutes is certainly not to be sniffed at and their sand gardens game sounds really artistic. What creative children you have! It is great when they get into a groove of being outside and stop asking for stuff for a while.

Scented Sweetpeas

This post is so me, it sounds just like our time in the garden :-) You garden a bit, supervise your mini gardners, referee the odd game etc etc. Oh and sand pits, what is it about sand, magical stuff for entertaining the kiddies, I still remember loving the stuff when I was little :-)


That's 90 minutes more than I managed, and I don't have littlies.

miniature golf in nj

you blog is so informative and full of fun ideas. I just cannot get enough of it. Looking forward to your next post


I dont miss thedays when I tried to find a way of getting time in the garden. Now I find myself wondering when I will see my eldest - treasure the time with them while you have it


Lia - their creativity knows no bounds - especially when it comes to excuses

SS - I too love a sandpit - if I'm honest this one was built for my nostalgia as much as it was built for the children

Jo - it was definitely an aberration - I don't expect it to be repeated much

MiniGolfNJ - Thanks so much for dropping by - and the kind words

Helen - 'treasure it' is very much on my 'to do' list. I do try!


Sand gardens is just the beginning.
Just think how much longer it would keep them amused (and educated) if they buried other things in the sandpit.
Perhaps some non-recyclable rubbish - they could then learn about landfill.

Or any passing domestic pets - they would then be fully au fait with wriggling, sharp clawed creatures.

Or perhaps their mother's wine supply - just so they can experience rage and, perhaps, desperation.

Maybe an entire room's worth of furniture - just in case they need to excavate and equip a nuclear bunker at some point.

So many opportunities: you must be terribly pleased that I am here to point you in the right direction.


James - that was very amusing - until you mentioned the wine. You are not allowed to talk to my children - EVER!


90 minutes? they are getting old!

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