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February 04, 2010


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Karen - An Artist's Garden

see you got yourself a shiny new re-tweet button .... which I just gotta push


I like this idea. Might give this one a go myself.


I have come round to them too. There is just something so sturdy and cheerful about them.


Karen - You see, I take all my blog style tips from you. You're my virtual Gok Wan.

Jo - Let me know if you do. Would love to see it.

Elizabeth - love a bit of sturdy cheerfulness!


"Welcome Home Husband Though never So Drunk" sounds like country and western song sung in a Chinese accent.
But still one to be classed up there with "Don't Come Home 'A Drinkin (with Lovin On Your Mind) by Loretta Lynn
or this from Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra called Is Making A Little Love Out Of The Question...I reproduce the lyrics for those who have yet to discover this classic And also to see if I can win a prize for longest comment)

(Lee) When I came home this morning my clothes were on the floor
(Nancy) You’d have a drink or two or three and maybe even more
9Lee) Yeah you had my old dog bite me in a place that I can’t mention
There’s something that I want to ask you now that I have your attention

(Lee) Is making a little love out of the question?
Or is it just cause you’re not in the mood?
If making a little love out of the question
Then maybe you can fix me up some food?

(Nancy)You have not been home since Tuesday and that’s a week ago
You said you car won’t start because it’s covered up with snow
Well I wasn’t born yesterday and I know when you lie
It wasn’t snow that made you late there is no snow in July


(Nancy) Yeah right making a little love is out of the question
and it’s not because I’m not in the mood
Making a little love is out of the question
and you can fix your own fucking food**

**Although in true 1960s style she eventually says "Oh, okay. Take me to bed" instead of smacking him hard with a lead stuffed sock.


have just had to go and listen to this on Spotify because I couldn't believe it actually existed.

But of course against all reason, decency and musical sense it is indeed there - and this is why Country will always have a place in my heart...

Living wall artist

I love all the little holes for the succulents to grow out of.


Thanks LWA - I may even put in sections of the Sedum acre 'Aureum' in the smallest holes as they root v. easily

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