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February 19, 2010


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Oil cloth as a fabric is rather unappreciated by the world of high fashion - although some of Lady Ga-Ga's more recent stage outfits may perhaps have been constructed from old sou'westers.
Neither Elizabeth Hurley nor Samantha Cameron have ever been photographed wearing an oil cloth based garment.
This may be your chance to strike back against those people who sneer at your cosmetic consumption and sense of fashion.
I think it would look best as a pair of hipster trousers and maybe a loose backless smock.

This would add an as yet unappreciated dimension to ThinkinGardens dinners and international flower shows. Wherever you go folk will gasp and there will be a chorus of envious whispers.

Next step a L'Oreal contract....


I did once own a pair of snakeskin effect trousers which, on reflection, could well have been made of oil cloth. However, I may be tempted to fashion the backless smock. Because I'm worth it....


I am only prepared to admit this in what I trust will be generous and understanding company but I once bought some Cath Kidston oilcloth (in a sale) and what is more I still quite like it.
There, it is done.
I've said it.
Like the stones, but not as a backless smock.


Elizabeth - Cath Kidston oil cloth? Sale or no sale, surely you need a second mortgage or sale of an internal organ to finance that?

Esther Montgomery

Are those photos of your oil cloth? How wonderful! We can't get oil-cloth round here, only PVA stuff which isn't as thick, is bad for the planet and doesn't come in interesting patterns. (Not round here it doesn't anyway!) (Used to.)

I'm jealous.



Esther - yes that's the cloth. I also nearly chose the grass one - but the kids overruled me.

Can't believe you are bereft of oil cloth in Dorset. That's a wrong that needs righting (not sure that's a word but never mind).

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