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February 01, 2010


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Karen - An Artist's Garden

Happy Birthday - and it has been a lovely year following your blog - I always leave with a big smile - Thank you.


Happy Blogday - think I'm coming up to my 2nd better check


Oh, Happy Birthday! long may you blog and tweet! ♥ your posts ;D xxx


Yum. Thanks for the cake - will you bring some along to Malvern so we can sample for real as well as virtually? ;)

Is it really only a year - I feel I've known you for aaaaaaages :)


Karen - thanks so much. I always leave yours with a sense of awe and jealousy!

Helen - Go check! We could have a joint party and you could make sure the cool kids come.

Icklebabe - thanks so much - and how the hell did you put a loveheart in your comment? I have trouble getting past my own word verification check never mind including symbols.

VP - order noted. I shall buy in some more golden syrup in anticipation.


happy bday LGF!!!

Esther Montgomery

Not fair. My mouth is watering. I can't eat gluten.

Happy Birthday.

Will you eat it all or will the little three thirds get a look in?



Happy blog birthday. I look forward to reading many more of your posts.

Elephant's Eye

This is virtual, so if your early posts embarrass you - Delete Them. And if you find a gem lurking back there, before we found you - Polish it up, and bring it on. I don't do kids, but I enjoy your writing. And passionately believe that children should learn to love nature - from do what I do.

Joanne Roach

Happy birthday. Nice to find a blog which I am genuinely pleased to find an email notification for in my inbox. Every time.


A year? is that all? when you were giving me a hard time at the Garden Museum last year you gave me the distinct impression that you were a hardened blogger, not some newly deflowered naif.
I have trawled back to look at your early posts and they are charming with plenty of cute kiddy shots as well. But also very bossy (if I might be bold) with lots of instructions like "Get Digging!","Watch Your Shoes!","Clear Up!" and "Include Toxic Plants!"

My first ever post is actually depressingly similar to my most recent post. The second was about drains which set a bit of a benchmark from which this blog has never fully recovered.

Congratulations: don't stop.


Neil - thank you sir!

Esther - I constructed a shot that implied I had a single slice when in fact I ate three myself and still had enough for the mini-ones to indulge (I mass cater when it comes to baked goods)

Jo - thank you (and ditto)

EE - I sort of thought they would be out of sight(ish) out of mind although I now realise my fatal error in mentioning them again... And thank you for your kind words.

Joanne - thank you (and sorry for littering your inbox!)


James - Hardened blogger? Giving you a hard time? Bossy? And there I was thinking I was being charming... I may need to work a bit harder on my social skills.

Thank you though for your encouragement all those months ago (and since). I'm afriad it's probably your fault I'm still blithering on... although at least I'm not writing about septic tanks or the fact my hands resemble dead fish (that is now my favourite post of yours). Dx

Ann-Marie Powell

Great first read of your blog for me. And whilst you celebrate your first anniversary I venture into the fold with my sapling blog. Still to find my feet, so I am experiencing EXACTLY what you felt when you began. Hope I am half as successful as you x


A whole year? Congratulations. I only found you a few months ago so maybe I should go back and read some early ones. And like James, I am finding that my blogs are simply coming round again (actually I don't think that is what he said, it is more what I think about mine). I call it consistency.

Alexa @ Invisible Bees

Happy Happy Happy Happy...
Yours is one of my favorites!


Rather belated, but wishing you a Happy Blogiversary! x


Thanks Ella! Dx

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