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January 18, 2010


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Enjoyed this post - I use technology to deal with teenagers - I bought them both headphones so I dont have to listen to their music result


How delightful to listen to your daughter's little tunes. Just wait until they're in their ain't heard nothing yet.


Oh no, not earplugs! That sounds just wonderful. Mind you having had my ear bent all day long by a three year old I am reeling a bit so know what you mean.

Joanne Roach

My 6 year old daughter sings on the toilet. And in the car. In bed. While we're watching TV. And between mouthfuls of food. It's like white noise now.
Mind you she's better at it than me. I'm with you on Dolly Parton being made for the garden, but in my case it's because the sound that comes out of my mouth on the high notes of Joleeeeeeene could be used as an instrument of torture, so in the absence of my own private Guantanamo Bay, the garden has to do.


I often take my ipod with me when I'm off gardening, either in my own or someone else's. I never, ever use it tho' as I feel I'd miss out on the twitter of birds, the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, the sound of my fork going in to the ground. I recently asked a thatcher friend of mine if he used his when he was on top of someone's roof. His reply was an emphatic "No, as I'd miss the offer of tea" and I realised that it's that which I'd really be afraid of missing.


Helen and Jo - I'm already dreading the teenage incarnations of my little angels...

Elizabeth - yes, it's not so much the quality as the sheer quantity sometimes

Joanne - I now have Jolene in my head - and it's not going away. Thanks!

Thursday - a particularly sound reason for an iPod free existence.


Stachys, oh stachys with fuzzy grey lugs
You're really quite ugly but resistant to bugs.
Your leaves are revolting when soggy and wet
And your flowers are a bit shet.
But it cannot be denied
That the leaves are pleasantly velvety (at least on one side).

Damnit. Another vocation missed.....


James - I am now eagerly awaiting your first slim volume of plant-based poetry although I will ignore the fact that you ahve been really rather rude about the lovely Lamb's Ears.


There's definitely some poetry in this post. How adorable, and what a welcome surprise -- to have your daughter just pop out to be with you and to be in the garden. Envious... looking forward to (and hoping hoping hoping) my girl Sydney doing the same.

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