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January 11, 2010


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Joanne Roach

These are lovely - have never seen them before. Would you consider sending me piccies for a little piece on my site's ideas section?
You're on form this week, I've barely caffeined my brain out of it's weekend coma yet!


Thanks Joanne - picture is winging its way to you as I type.


Love this idea - I shall bear it in mind for if the weather gets cold again!


It is nice to hold on to laws that makes dreams come true!!... ~bangchik


Nature's done that one for me courtesy of a leaking gutter over an apple tree!

Just popped in to congratulate you on your Guardian article - you must be dead chuffed!

Then I caught up with your previous piece - one of my aunt's lives in the village that Ambridge is said to be based on and some her parish council antics were included in the scripts a few years ago. NAH is always calling me 'me old girl, me old beauty' - it's one of our running jokes.

If GW or the RHS don't accept an article on the transformation, I'd love a eensy teensy little post from you under my Out on the Streets banner sometime :)


Ha I thought that was a robin frozen in ice to start with - very realived it was


From where I am sitting that is not a rosehip but a Chupachup strawberry flavoured lolly that your children scavenged from the village shop.

Mark D

I am going to do this at the weekend...after a week of snow, snowmen have started to seem a little passe to my 4 year old and she's keen that I find something else for her to enjoy in this cold weather. So thank you


Jude - I'm kind of hoping that it won't - ice mobiles or no ice mobiles, I prefer the temperature in positive digits!

Bangchik - you are a wise, wise man...

VP - A leaking gutter - why didn't I think of that!? Would, of course, be honoured to write a piece for your legendary blog, me old girl, me old beauty.

Helen - I tried, but it wouldn't stay still.

James - Shush!

Mark D - Snowmen, shnowmen - ice-mobiles is where it's at with the kids (or something like that...)


Hmmm, I'll have to give them a go, I can't stand much more of this cold weather.

Karen - An Artist's Garden

I like this - very Richard Shilling

I think I want it to freeze again just so I can have a go.


Well, I would be honoured that a real live Grauniad correspondent would write a guest post over at Veg Plotting!

You can write an Out on the Streets post on here (that's what most people do then I use some linking software over at mine and do a summary), but if you'd prefer to do a guest post that would also be fine :)

Perhaps we could do swapsies post-wise...

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