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January 22, 2010


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Helen at Toronto Gardens

After years of subsisting on macaroni and cheese, our eldest (almost 25) has only recently begun to embrace food that actually tastes of anything but salt. His younger sister, who went through an annoying vegetarian phase (she was vegetarian, but didn't like most forms of veggie protein) is now eating fish. I have one more to go. So far so good with her (she likes curry!). But when I see her at last eat a mushroom, I know my job will be done. Good luck with the veggies. They look delish.

Claire Brown

from my experience last year with my son's veggie patch, you might not get Archie to eat them (he'll be bored with them by the time they're grown) but if he has friends round to tea, they might. I had a little boy to tea whose mother said "won't eat any vegetables" - he was fascinated by the carrots picked from my sons's little patch and ate 2 - which is quite a big portion for a 5 yr old)

Mark Waterfield

This seems to be a very esoteric variety of vegetables. No doubt the photos on the front of the packet had something to do with the choice of vegetable.

I still marvel at how many vegetables are produced from one seed.


Helping to grow the veg, definitely made an impact on what the boys would eat. I am not sure I would know how to cook linguine with crayfish and dill. I am not sure my palate it that sufifticated


When I was a toddler I was given sour milk by my mother (who compounded the problem by adding orange squash to disguise the taste).Haven't touched milk since. Children have long food memories and love a resentment!
The toasted cheese sandwich is a prince among foodstuffs. I was given a Breville sandwich toaster when I first left home aged 17. I thought it was haute cuisine: the only other thing I could cook was boiled eggs and Weetabix.(separately,obviously: two courses).
What girl could resist such sumptuous delicacies? *
Crayfish and whatsis is really wasted on most two year oldss. Unless you let them throw it around.

* actually, quite a few. especially as I was living in the cupboard under somebody's stairs.


I've employed the same tactics with my dear hubby. He's gone over 40 years without having a vegetable on his plate, but now that I've got an allotment and grow the veg myself (with his help) he's suddenly found a taste for it. Luckily he will eat bog standard varieties so I don't have to buy anything that's a weird shape or an unusual colour (but I do anyway because I like them. I'm a marketing manager's dream).


Helen - I too became vegetarian but didn't eat rice, lentils, nuts, or indeed many vegetables. I was a joy to cater for. Good luck with the mushroom mission!

Claire - don't tell me I'm doing all this just to improve their friends' diets!

Mark - it was all about the pictures. The kids are as shallow as their mother.

TMH - I'm not fully sure I even know what Crayfish are!

James - did your sandwich toaster create scalloped edges to the finished product? If so, I'm not sure any maiden could have resisted - even given your slightly restricted living arrangements.

Jo - you give me hope!

Metropolitan Mum

I used to have a sandwich maker. I got seriously addicted and had to go 'cold turkey' (haha), giving the sandwich maker away.
Little L loves her food. So far.


MM - mine is still tucked at the back of a cupboard, because you never know when you may need that cheese toastie hit.

Pinny's mum

You will be pleased to note that after reading your comments aboutour tree house ( which I agreed with I have removed the ladder and replaced it with a rope one. Looks alot better. Never blogged before. seems like fun!


Steph - Can't believe you've posted as 'Pinny's Mum' - I love it! It should definitely be your online alias.

Also, delighted to hear you have bought a designer's eye to the tree house!

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