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January 05, 2010


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I have never come across Dora the Explorer before but have now clicked on your link and discovered that she has one of those voices that make you want to gargle with a great deal of flaming Sambucca. When my children were younger it was the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine that had the same effect on me.
There is an ancient rhyme “An estate agent, a dog and a walnut tree: The more you beat them the better they’ll be”. Or something similar anyway.
I am heartened that you have friends with Chateaux. Hopefully you also have Italian friends with Palazzos and Germans in possession of fine Schlosses.


James - Admittedly Dora grates - but marginally less than three whingeing kids. And yes, I only befriend people after I've checked out the accommodation and acreage on Google Earth - that's normal isn't it?


Gorgeous tree but I sgree re the blue ladder. It must be lovely when the leaves are on it - makes you wish you were a kid again


Love the walnut tree and I also like the idea of adding to it every year. I like play areas generally and I think I shall have to take more seriously my half formed idea of getting my other half to build a play house on stilts. Wanders off to find pen and paper...


Happy New Year!

Good luck with the Dorset Cereals awards - I reached the heady heights of second one month. Perhaps I should have advertised the fact I was after it on my blog, but then a lifetboatman blogger won it and I suspect nothing stood a chance against him - I voted for him myself after all :O


Hello Dawnie. As owner of the walnut tree in question (or at least part of it) thanks you for your kind comments. You're right about the old pool ladder. On reflection it was a mistake to add it but, now that we have, it's difficult to remove. It provides an additional and well-liked access route to the main platform. It's also the fire escape.

Of course, some of your readers may fancy visiting the tree house in person. They could do that by visiting and making a booking..!

Lovely job.


Helen - I was actually there in the summer when the leaves were on and completely failed to noitice the tree house - so v. effective camouflage

Elizabeth - do it! ALso, it may be the only thing accessible at your place soon if this snow continues.

VP - You're right - nothing trumps a lifeboatman - that's just unfair!

Pinny - Please forgive all criticism of the steps, but given that everything else about the property and grounds is perfect, I felt like Craig Revel Horwood, desperate for a reason not to give a perfect 10!

And please people, do visit if you can - the gites, I can tell you from personal experience are the best we've ever stayed in - links above.

Metropolitan Mum

28 hours? It only took us 26 to Ile de Re last summer. Never again! (ask me again in July)

The walnut tree is absolutely gorgeous. I might contact the owner and buy it, convert it into flats and go into buy-to-let. I was looking for a new career anyway. Problem solved.


How lovely, and what a great idea to add to it every year. Great to get a crop off it each year too.

Jane Alexander

Huge thanks! Yes, my thoughts exactly. Actually his godmother has offered a £100 bribe too! But I suspect it is all hopeless.... *rueful shrug*.
This blog is fabulous!!! Shall definitely a huge believer in this malarkey.
Have you come across Wildwise btw?

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