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January 28, 2010


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Isn't it rather like those moth traps for apples and plums? If so, mine's lasted years, but then it doesn't get fat birds rootling around in it ;)


Hmmm, might be ok for under cover of a car porch or similar, but those poor birds if their house suddenly caves in on them. Ugh, those paper pants, don't remind me.


VP - you give me hope (in this as in most things!)

Jo - Sorry about that - I knew they would spark some bad memories for many of us...

Karen - An Artist's Garden

Maybe its quite a good thing - (the birdhouse that is not, the paper pants) It will probably disintegrate at the end of the year and then it wont need cleaning


Karen - you are a 'glass half full' kind of a girl aren't you?


I think you should consider as a sort of tent for birds. Lovely on a sunny day but drippy and miserable when it rains.
Like camping in Wales. *
The tougher, Bear Grylls type, birds will love it: unless of course you come over all Cath Kidston when you are decorating it in which case the market will change to the Lily-Allen-at-Glastonbury-wannabee birds

* or anywhere, to be honest.


I love the idea of a tent for birds! Maybe they could use it as a playhouse when the little birds get a bit bigger?
I like Karen's half full approach to life. My rather black sense of humour immediately presented me with a cartoon of the bottom falling out of a soggy birdhouse, nest and all. I could even see Tom the cat rushing underneath with his mouth open.
Sorry. Not what your children are after.


James - I have a feeling it will be more Jackson Pollock than Cath Kidston - not sure which birds that will appeal to...

ELizabeth - Eric our cat is very appreciative of your sense of humour.

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