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December 27, 2009


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Elephant's Eye

Creepy Crawly Towers. OOH! (Ours is a bit more like municipal housing) But we did move in a rain spider with her babies.


Oh I wish I had known you were visiting Hampton Court it is onlyabout 20 mins from me and one of my favourite gardens - we could have met up. My two used to love the maze and tunnel when they were younger. Maybe if youvisit again we could meet


Have put Hampton Court garden immediately on my 2010 list - sounds perfect.


EE - you probably have more inhabitants than we do. It might look pretty but I'm not sure it's attracting huge numbers of tenants...

Helen - I didn't even think about it, but of course it must have been near to you. How annoying. Would love to meet up sometime and we loved Herefordshire so hopefully next time we can make a date.

Elizabeth - Do it! I couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. It was just my kind of garden - traditional with a twist.

Esther Montgomery

A revelation. Getting one's offspring to 'Guest Post'. A holiday! Ah. If they can be persuaded. I see there might be problems there.

I have two Globe Artichoke heads wobbling around on brown stalks which I hope contain ladybirds but how can I tell without dismantling them? Frustrating!

I hadn't understood the Pharoah / Slave thing. Now I do . . .

Altogether an illuminating post.

Have a happy rest-of-Christmas and a wonderful 2010.



Esther - Happy New Year to you too! And yes, I do believe in delegation - wherever possible.

PS I'm sure the Innovations Catalogue now carry miniature ladybird walkie-talkies for just such eventualities.

Avis W.

What a smart way to reuse that tree, and to still get a harvest of walnuts - bonus! Happy New Year!

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