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November 26, 2009


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Great idea - I found some old wellies which one of my boys had grown out of. Might do this at the weekend

Nell Jean

Too cute. I'm too old and staid to plant in boots, but what a great project to do with children.


Helen - Do it! We can compare and contrast in spring.

Nell - surely there is no age-limit on planting up random footwear? Well, I'm 37 and more excited than the kids about it anyway...


Your children don't watch nearly enough rubbish television...


My son is ready for a new pair of wellies. He might get them sooner rather than later now so I can nick his old ones.

A Modern Mother

Can't wait to see them when they grow yellow legs!


James - don't worry, they put in the hours. We simply squeeze this sort of nonsense into the ad breaks.

Jo - It's upcycling - what are you waiting for!

Susanna - Yellow legs, red arms, possibly purple nose - then again, the squirrels might nick the lot of them...


Fabulous! If only I could persuade my husband to part with his second set of rigger boots I could do something wonderful with them. Sadly the fact that they leak doesn't mean he doesn't insist he is still using them - when? why? what for?

Fruit Cages

That is superb! My neighbour has an old watering can with bulbs growing in it


Lovely! My kids seem to have all manner of outgrown footwear for our garden...look forward to trying this soon!

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