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November 23, 2009


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This is no time of year to be out in the garden with an Ofsted inspector... In fact, there's probably never a time of year when you should be out in the garden with an Ofsted inspector. Unless they're coming to my school next week, in which case... keep them out there for as long as possible. Especially it it's raining.


Tim I shall lock them in the shed!


It's amazing how those six letters OFSTED can put the fear of God into people, especially teachers. I remember the last time they visited our school, it was the end of the school year, reports were given out on the last day of school, and the kids didn't know which classes they were going into the following year, all because the inspectors had shown up the week before and 'normal' school routine was put on hold.

A Modern Mother

We're in an Ofsted craze too ... that is all the head is thinking about.

And thanks for reminding me to put in my bulbs!


Jo - It's nuts isn't it. Luckily at pre-school they're only in for two mornings but even then I'm sure it will disrupt 'normal service'.

Susanna - I aim to serve!


You may be better versed in the theory of Hummdingers cat.
The theorem, you will remember inspired the saying "I have a hummdinger of a hangover this morning".

It iis supposed to nvolve a fearsome mixture of Baileys Irish Cream, Madeira, Babycham and Whiskas (Heart and Lung flavour). Nobody can quite remember....


Sorry if this isn't a good place to post this but I couldn't find a contact email.

Just wondered if you would consider a link to my website The School Vegetable Patch in your list of children's gardening links.

If so it is

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