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November 20, 2009


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Helen - patientgardener

Trying to come up with ideas for my 5 year old neice. Since my sis died a few weeks back no one has any idea what my neice would like!!


Helen - I can't begin to think how sad that's going to make this Christmas for you all. If it's any help, my daughter's favourite present for her sixth birthday was a pink digital camera from Vtech. Dx


Hello... (adopts twirling moustache and slightly greasy leer)...young lady.....
Can I interest you (raises left eyebrow and switches cigarette holder to other side of mouth)... in a trug (raises right eyebrow expectantly)...or maybe (adjusts tie).... a nice organic cucumber?

(OK, don't snigger so obviously.It's tricky corrupting people in Blog comments)


James - you have some sort of sixth sense. That's exactly the point at which I started to snigger. Think you should grow the moustache though I have a feeling it might suit you - in a David Niven kind of way.

Martyn Cox

It's far too early to be thinking about Christmas - Christmas shopping starts after my birthday. When is it? Oh, as you asked it's 28 November.


Mmm, love the horse although can see husband going into one of his attacks of "how much? give my an afternoon and I'll make you one".
I try to use 3 and a half year old step grandson as extra labour, not really successful but who cares?


Martyn - it's in the diary now. In fact I can't beleive it wasn't already pre-printed there - like the Queen's...

Elizabeth - That's what makes me happy I married someone incapable of making anything - or even thinking he might be capable. And yes 3 1/2 make incredibly charming garden helpers don't they?


what a great post and lovely to see some nondisney ideas too - I love the idea of the solar theatre thing... xx

Fruit Cages

Love the snail watering can - that's going on our xmas list

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