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November 16, 2009


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Thanks for the reminder, we have bulbs to plant too when it dried off a little bit. I also have to agree my two would rather be outside than with Cbeebies. Although they always want to be out after dirtgirl world, so why oh why is it on it the dark

Karen - An Artist's Garden

I think you may have ruined alliums for me for ever - which is OK apart from the fact I planted 100's of them this year - so now in summer I will be reminded of you and your children


I haven't had chance to get my bulbs planted yet, so you're way ahead of me.


TMH - totally agree on DirtGirlWorld - what are the schedulers up to?

Karen - So sorry. I actually thought their resemblance to Mr Hill would increase their appeal!

Jo - To be 100% truthful, my kids are ahead of you and me - my bulbs are still sitting in their box. Am hoping to get them in this weekend.

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