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October 20, 2009


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Karen - An Artist's Garden

How lovely Dawn :)
I am very fond of bolted lettuces I think they are lovely to look at.

I think you may have to patent the "Peter Rabbit hedge" for children's growing spaces all over the country
Ps I wanted Yew - but don't have that many years left in me - so went for griselinia.
Privet smells horrid


Love this post! We planted a hedge 2 years ago of mixed native woods - blackthorn, wayfaring, hawthorn, hazel, beech, and I'm surprise at how quickly it's started looking like a good hedge (ie within 2 years, yes still too slow for kids I know) - only the beech has been much slower to grow. Also wanted to let you know about this:
I don't suppose any of it is really new to you, but still, if you don't know kids craft weekly, you'll soon find out she has lots of great ideas.


Oh Karen - you remind me of my granny who used to read the last page of a book first 'just in case she died before she finished it'. You optimist, you!


Vegetables as hedges... That's definitely very practical and fast.... ~bangchik

Tracey Bennett

You need to grow some of those odd pointy radishes he eats too!

Potty Mummy

Just make sure that when you empty your lawn cuttings there are no little ears pricking up through the grass on the compost heap...

Potty Mummy

Hi, just to let you know that I've put you up as British Mummy Blogger of the Week. Have a good day!

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