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October 12, 2009


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Martyn Cox

On my last b'day, I had to buy my own present to ensure that I'd get something.


Am guessing you bought vinyl and still adore your wife, so I would call this a win-win


Duh, I thought I was supposed to count the flowers to work out how old he was. I definitely need a trip to Specsavers!

Esther Montgomery

It looks like the perfect present for someone who dislikes mowing.



Jo - Hadn't thought of that and weirdly it's nearly the same answer...

Esther - and, rather fittingly, he does (dislike it, that is).


Did you get that 'lawn' (sans fleurs) on the way to Chelsea Flower Show perchance?


Oh, you are good VP!! Well certainly at Chelsea - it was my 'Lazy Lawn' sample. Not sure this is what is was intended for, but never mind.

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