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September 11, 2009


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I love it Dawn! Buying your kids presents that they wouldn't be allowed to take on a plane as hand luggage is the way forward.

After all, how much damage can you do to your little brother with a bloody Bendaroo?


She will definitely appreciate them... hmmm. ~bangchik


Pinny - Bedaroos have nothing on a stainless steel hoe weilded in anger - but I'm trying not to think about it...

Bangchik - hmmm indeed!


I think thats a lovely present. The other things are so transisent and whatever the latest whim is or what the television adverts are prompting.


What you should have done was let her use some crappy plastic kids tools and then she would have aspired to these gorgeous little works of art. Callum now uses full size tools with the trade off that I let him drive the mower sometimes.


Helen - so true, but unfortunately there are very few adverts for quality gardening tools during children's programming so they lack a certain attraction to my daughter.

Angus - Hey there stranger! We have a veritable graveyard of small plastic gardening tools outside - this is my fight back.

I was wondering if you were joking about Callum on the mower - then I remembered it's you so you probably aren't...


If we give our kids fake kitchenettes and cars, it certainly makes sense to give them REAL garden tools. Happy Birthday to your little pixie!


Thanks Alexa! - I have given her the fake kitchenette already so felt it was time for the reality check.


Heya Dawn..
I think thats a great idea :)
Wish Ava a happy birthday from us :) Ellie xx


Thanks Ellie!


Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the comment, Dawn.
Happy birthday to your daughter. I think the gardening tools are a great present. I treated my daughter to the same set, but the slightly larger 'graduate' size, when I got my allotment.

Martyn Cox

Not sure I would have liked to have been given a set of tools as a present when I was six, but hey, she'll grow to love them. Worst present ever, according to my other half, was the set of cutlery I bought her for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Dawn Isaac

Is it really sad that I think that's a good present? I must get out more...


I forsee soooo much mid life counselling in store for Ava.
I quite like the idea of everybody wearing fairy wings while digging, though.
Bob Flowerdew would look marvellous.


They do go beautifully with ponytails.

celebrities exposed

The worst present is absence of presents.

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