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September 21, 2009


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Had to go in for a spot of sunflower subterfuge this year when apprentice 2's sunflowers failed.A bit like guerilla gardening on your own plot. Don't think I'll get away with it next year. Results were gloriously showy,though short and rotund.How's the school run this week? Child-pumpkin substitution works.My octopus child (now 9)stopped clinging and is now writing birthday wishlists along the tent, penknife, bicycle repair kit, night vision goggles line.


CGG - short and rotund is the new tall and willowy in my book. School is still an issue - apparently the problem is now with assembly, but the complaint is the same as for lining up ie too long and boooring.

A Modern Mother

Oh, good luck! There wasn't enough sun here this summer to get tall sunflowers.


AMM - Maybe that's it - my grain of hope. Perhaps no-one got tall sunflowers this year.

Who am I kidding? My friend totally neglected hers, left them in pots and even they're taller than ours.


Think of it as being character forming for both of you ;)

NB Toasting as snacks is a bit fiddly - I nearly threw them out the window in frustration when I tried it! Or perhaps you've done it before and have some hints and tips to share?

Thanks for your comment today - hopefully it'll start a debate on the subject over at mine. I've already written you a long reply almost as long as the original post!


Major disappointment coming up for you to handle then. My sunflowers didn't grow tall this year either.


VP - I hav to admit never having tried the toasting of seeds. I'm going to subcontract that job to MM - I don't really do much cooking (or seed eating)!

Jo - I'm repeating the mantra 'it's not the winning it's the taking part' as often as possible. Not working yet.

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