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September 28, 2009


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elephant's eye

Looking good! And the second one?


What's wrong with growing cress on a damp flannel? Used to be quite enough horticulture for most children.
I'd watch it: I reckon Ava is reading up on Capability Brown and you're going to have to bulldoze the house to make room for a lake (with neo-Classical bridge)


EE - I shall post an additional picture, but I'm afraid the Stachys is suffering from it's move so the whole garden has a somewhat 'floppy' air...

James - it appears Oscar is actually the garden prima donna. He threw himself onto the floor yesterday and burst into tears because I've said his garden can't quite accommodate a lawn and trampoline.


Oh, this post makes me happy! Do you think your kids will look at garden magazines with you or show up at the nursery and say, "I want that one, Mum!" ?

PS What does "squiffy" mean?


Wherever they go they say 'I want that', so I don't expect the nursery will be any different! Squiffy = tipsy or under the influence and is my default position at any social event where there are lots of mothers extolling the benefits of breastfeeding


The problem is, you give a child an inch and they'll take nine square metres! It's looking good already.


Thanks Jo!

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