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August 25, 2009


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Looks a lot of fun - I'm not sure about the hale bay maze though ;)

Dawn Isaac

What? That my favourite! Actually, I probably shouldn't admit that as a) it might not have been open to adults and b) I'm supposed to be all about the gardens...


Dawn - my apologies - I think you've missed my joke at your expense. Isn't it a hay bale maze?????

And I'm with you on that one - I would have had a go too ;)

Thanks for your comment over at mine - how did you find out btw? I'm not setting great store by it at the moment a)because a lot of great blogs such as yours are missing b)the calculation is flawed c) some of the blogs mentioned haven't posted for months and d) they originally said it was UK blogs - when I pointed out a number of them are non-UK, they've simply cut the UK bit out of their blurb. They haven't addressed my comments re the way the calculation's been done yet....

Dawn Isaac

Christ I'm dopey. Sorry - have gone word blind - blame the six weeks of summer hols...

Found out via a twitter from Emma Cooper. I've only just succumbed to Twitter as I've been sceptical - after all, I'm really not interested what someone had for breakfast, even if they are Stephen Fry. However, it is helping me keep up to date with stuff so scepticism is slightly abated.

I guess all these lists can be a little subjective depending on what index they choose but you are definitely a bona fide top 50. Me - I'm just waiting for the top 50 list of Cambridgeshire garden bloggers with three children whose name begins with 'D'(slightly worried I might not make it onto that either!)


About once a week I come perilously close to signing up on Twitter.

Then I remember I spend too much time on the computer anyway and I manage to resist. I fear I might disappear into the ether entirely should I succumb.

I'm sure there's useful stuff on there, but it's how (and how long)to find it that I'm worried about.

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