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July 20, 2009


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I think the fact that you got them interested in gardening is wonderful. I would say radishes, lettuce, spinach, and turnips would be easy fall crops for little ones. There are others, but those come to mind. Your future plans are great too.~~Dee


The holidays are always a problem with school gardens. Never had that when Nigel Colborn was young and children all worked in factories and sweeping chimneys instead of wasting their time with education.
You should plant pumpkins because then they are there when the little blighters get back from holiday and have changed so much as to be unbelievable.
This should also have the gratifying effect of their regarding you with a certain awe and marvelling at your magical powers.
Provided you don't mind nipping across the road to do the watering every so often.

Dawn Isaac

Dee - love the idea of turnips and radishes(if not the taste!) so I think I'll put some in along with the lettuce and spinach

James - as much as I love the thought of inspiring awe and wonder, the plot is so small I fear pumpkins might swamp it - unless we can get one to a Cinderella coach size and then we could scoop it out for an extra classroom.

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