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July 23, 2009


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You can almost see pumpkins grow, which must delight the kids.

Writing on them is a lovely idea, as long as they understand the difference between writing on a pumpkin - which is temporary - and carving initials on permanent things like tree trunks and agave leaves in public places.


How will the kids react when their very own pumpkins become pies? ;-)


Great idea!


What an interesting idea! My pumpkins are also growing wild. Unfortunately, there are no good-size fruit yet. I heard about pinching the tops and removing extra flowers to let the plant care about several good fruit.
Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my pink &purple post, it made me laugh!

Dawn Isaac

Nigel - I am now worried I have fanned the flame of vandalism in the hearts of my children. I'm sure the judge will bring this post up as evidence in their future trials.

Avis - I would have to learn to make pies first, so not an issue likely to arise for a while.

Marisa - thanks - and thanks for visiting the blog

Tatyana - I've pinched nothing as yet - which may account for the pumpkins rapidly taking over the whole garden. Will add this to the ever-growing to-do list. Dx

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