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May 20, 2009


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I think after seeing some of the pictures of the high rise bug hotel in several places and the large one at anglesey abbey in person, it might have to be a winter project to make myself one for the lotty.


I've grown strawberries in hanging baskets for the last couple ofyears and get an excellent crop. The birds and slugs cant get to them

Arabella Sock

I thought the courtyard gardens must have been given a theme to follow several looked so similar.
I did love the outdoor kitchen - definitely good enough to eat but can you imagine what it would look like the minute you started munching the walls!

The Bedsock's favourite garden was 'The Ace of Spades' one! (He used to be a bit of a heavy metal fan. LOL!)

Dawn Isaac

Rhiannon - I'm with you on that. Make sure you post a piccie when it's done - we can start a version of 'Location, location, location' for bugs.

Helen - good point - the idea is becoming more genius by the minute

Arabella - you are quite right. Sort of like a giant slug attack. Am concerned by the Bedsock's choice... I'm now picturing him as Ozzy Osbourne.

Martyn Cox

According to the newspapers all that anyone was talking about the beginning of the week was gnomes, although I have to say all I heard people talking about was James May's Plasticene Garden. Many were sniffy about it, but I thought it was a bit of fun and let's face it, we need a laugh until we see those fabled green shoots of economic recovery.

Dawn Isaac

Gnomes, schmomes... I'm with you Martyn on the power of plasticine.


£1400! That makes the Eglu seem cheap by comparison. Do the chicks lay golden eggs as a result?

I loved Freshly Prepped and the designer told me loads about how they achieved that splashback. Perhaps my dream of a vertical wall garden is achievable after all...

I think we'll be making bug hotels a la Future Nature won't we? I can feel a winter blogging competition coming on...

Dawn Isaac

VP - would love to see your vertical wall if you go for it. Bug hotels are much more within my skill levels as they seem to embrace the 'rustic' approach...

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