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May 04, 2009


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We go to anglesey abbey regularly (it's about 30 mins from us)and a fantastic place. There is loads to see. I have photgraphed snow drops there and bits of the winter walk - yes the white bark of the birch against the brown purple ground is irresistable. The Hoe fen bit is new and we loved it when we went for the first time a month or so ago, the bug hotel is massive. I loved your review its spot on and we have run over those tellytubby mounds too

Dawn Isaac

Thanks Rhiannon.

I've been meaning to go and see the snowdrops myself for the last 4 years and still failed. I must do better!

Dan The Gardener

What a great day out it sounds, especially with all the wiggly paths. The Hoe Fen wildlife area sound very exciting as well. Wish I lived nearer.

Dawn Isaac

Thanks DTG - proximity isn't everything. I seem to be more likely to visit gardens all over the country than the ones down the road.


I love your post! They are delightful. I have three grandchildren and it gives me a lot of fun ideas. They are already great gardeners at four and three. I live in the US but grew up for many years in England. I returned several times with my children when they were growing up and visited way more gardens than they liked at the time. I will have to return and bring my grandkids and you have inspired me to do so.


Hi Robin - What a lovely thing to hear. I do hope you bring the grandchildren over. I've not reviewed it on the blog yet as I haven't been for years, but Heligan is also a wonderful garden for kids.

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