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April 28, 2009


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Please promise me will never wear those wellies teamed with any sort of evening wear. I really do not think that these were the sort of thing to which the good Duke was referring. They would instantly ruin the effect of even the simplest Balenciaga gown.
They will however add tone and spirit to weeding and would also contribute a certain je ne sais quoi to any battlefield upon which you should happen to stumble.


I have wellie envy - mine are those boring black ones. I feel a need to upgrade


Happy birthday to both of you! I have searing lime-coloured Hunters (an ironic twist on "green wellies"), but I wish I had pink spots and a blue dog now.


I am sure the purpose of that little blue dog will become apparent soon - it will be a toy for the children which they will play with/demand until it lasts all of five minutes on your new boots and is then broken/lost.

Or maybe that would be my children!

And giving birth on your birthday?! You deserve a medal.

Dawn Isaac

James - don't worry, it's been about a decade since I had a reason to don evening wear. I have taken my son to pre-school in them though (this is pretty much the peak of my social life)

Helen - do it! We spend enough time outdoors to justify the sparkliest of wellies....

Victoria - you are most definitely a two-pair-wellie woman. Indulge yourself!

Deb - I have since found out it's a keyring! And yes, birth was something of a shock last year, but I was still gardening at 6pm so it was remarkably civilised really!

Free Wind Energy

Both my daughters want them!

Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Wow great looking wellies where can you get a pair of them now?

sewage pump 

hehe this actually would be a great gift for my niece hehehhe

Health Information

Pinky polkadot, can you ask for more?

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