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April 03, 2009


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Fantastic - I want one!


Have you ever seen a film called Magic? Anthony Hopkins and a ventriloquist's dummy.
Very, very sinister but even that is not quite as disquieting as your scarecrow.

Dawn Isaac

Thank you for the encouragement Helen!

James - you are, I'm afraid correct. I have never seen the film, but as I was planting out sweet peas this morning, I got the distinct impression I was being watched...


It's a cool scarecrow. I've just unstuffed last years scarecrow (pics on my blog somewhere. It had become weathered and rotten, I've put the straw innards in my compost bin.

I think Owen will be begging me to make another. I only have one years experience in scarecrow making but I won't make the mistake of doing the straw stuffing in the living room again!


Looks absolutely fabtastic! I think i need one for the allotment...either that or we've been discussing making atotem there's an idea!

Dawn Isaac

Rhiannon - your spectacular slideshow puts me to shame - thank heavens you are still capable of straw-based mistakes

Vegmonkey - I'd go for the totem pole - much funkier!

brian b.

Very good!
I enjoy gardening, nothing like getting your hands dirty, and watching your garden grow from seeds.

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