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March 30, 2009


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was the mild hangover from childcare or an interesting evening?


Bloody Hell, Woman. Stop being so irrepressibly energetic. All these long walks, charitable endeavours, child friendly gardening and handicrafts make those of us who are less hearty feel wan and exhausted!
A little consideration, please....


This took me back about 12 years - mine are 16 and 18 now. Very inventive and great fun too.


love the caterpillars might have to give it a go - much more impressive than cress heads

Dawn Isaac

Jonquil - probably a bit of both.

James - I did spend the other half of the weekend sitting down and drinking wine, but thought that might not be so appropriate as a post...

Helen - I've just had a scary vision of my three as teenagers - thanks for that!

Rhiannon - thank you for that - impressive was what I was going for (basically I'm all about the showing off)


I'm sure the children were extra enthusiastic once they realise they were featuring in the blog. Very cute caterpillars!

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