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March 22, 2009


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Such profligate use of culinary utensils!
Have you read about Amanda's Star Wars plant labels? cunning use of that stuff you cook in the oven and it becomes small and solid.
Link here:

Dawn Isaac

Thank you James - I now know what shrinky dinkies are! Not sure I dare start on these - I have a tendency to become distracted and I'm more than likely to use flapjacks as plant labels and serve these up with afternoon tea. Quite like the idea of adding a movie-theme to my planting plans though...


Oh I've seen wooden spoons as plant markers before. Don't have access to a soldering iron though. Love the plastic ones, they look cool (trouble is mine would just run off with them).

Have been thinking of making some plant markers for my plot similar to ones I had bought but rather fear I am too lazy (unlike you!).


Dawn Isaac

Deb, remember I read your blog, lazy is not an adjective that springs to mind!

Cannot recommend soldering irons enough. Best of all, you get the smell of saunas when using them on wood!

Karen - An Artist's Garden

These wooden spoon plant labels are brilliant - and I think they look really nice too. Great idea

Dawn Isaac

Thanks Karen - I was having a 'Blue Peter' moment!


Love the spoons - think I'll try that!

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