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March 27, 2009


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I worry that all those blunt trauma arrow wounds have slightly tipped your competitive instincts from pre-school to Chris Hoy!
Long pots may be the answer to the seed conundrum but I have no idea what to do about the mildly deranged parent problem.
My children had to grow petunias and other parents used to give me strange 'call yourself a gardener' looks when our offerings were, frankly, rather aphid damaged and pathetic.
What's the prize?

Dawn Isaac

How embarrasing. I've just realised I have no idea what the prize even is. It could be another five sunflower seeds for all I know and yet I know I will still pursue it as if it were a million pound jackpot.

Sadly, I have passed on my unrelenting competitiveness to my daughter. Oh, the curse of genetic inevitability...


I'm wondering what I may be unleashing with plans to hold a sunflower growing competition at the club....

Are you this competitive over everything or just sunflowers?!

Dawn Isaac

ummm... everything. That's not good is it?!

But don't let it put you off the competition. Statistically, you should only get one or two parents with my border-line lunatic competitiveness.

Karen - An Artist's Garden

I can only sit with a big smile on my face reading this post - I don't know what to say, I certainly cannot think of anything helpful - apart from long root trainers to start the seeds off - the centers of kitchen roll holders - although I would probably hedge my bets and put one on a 2ltr pot.
:) good luck!

Dawn Isaac

Right, I have now unwound the last of my kitchen roll to do this. I am also trialing toilet roll inners and the longest pots I can find.

I shall report on progress!

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