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April 04, 2012


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Mark D

You know, I didn't notice the heels, I just thought 'Mrs Marple's grown'


I met the pupils from Heronsbridge School at the RHS Cardiff show a couple of years ago. They did a garden called Slugger Off! It was fab :)


Mark - It's MISS Marple sir. Knitting and nosiness is a sure way to keep you a spinster.

VP - Slugger Off? Love the name!

I dread to think what they'd make of our school garden. Last year's *triumph* (did you see what I did there?) was the use of old bras to support squash growing in thepolytunnel!

Lorna Watson

I'd love to visit some of these gardens. Thanks for an informative and very funny post.

Arabella Sock

Oh good - that is an app I can definitely do with!

I quite often have pyjama (or in my case dressing gown) days. I probably do look like I'm having a breakdown - particularly when I put the rubbish bags. I'm sure it's terribly 'common' to be seen outdoors like that but I couldn't care. I love my dressing gown it is warm and comfy and thick enough to stop the cats claws getting through to my skin when they are having a 'cuddle' - although they have made a right mess of it clawking all the threads out..

Gardening Birmingham

lol i here what your saying. Middle aged people in pyjamas is not such good look.


At my young age of 60 I love "jammy" days and my 9 yr old grandson and I love to get dirty in the garden in them as well.

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