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December 14, 2010


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Damn it, I thought what I wanted was Aqua di Parma, a Smythson diary and a load of books, but now what I really, really want is a Forest Pirate Galleon. Is it too late do you think?


Lickedspoon - It is never too late for a Forest Pirate Galleon. Plus, it's really amusing watching the postaman try and deliver it.

Karen - An Artists Garden

Someone gave us Reindeer poo in a box last year - I still have it sitting on the self above my desk - it is not only children who enjoy saying poo when asked what they were given for Christmas.

Also - (slightly late) very well done on the two new shiny green awards - well deserved I am so pleased for you

Elephant's Eye

I'll have the cornflower blue window box please Santa. Love that colour!


Drat, I really wanted to grow a giraffe... We have a family agreement not to do presents for the adults, just the kids. Much less stressful, and no one winds up with stuff they didn't want/need. Though your brother sounds such fun to buy for...

Esther Montgomery

Some good things here. Money saving too - now I know what to do with bamboo thinnings. I wouldn't pay for a water-diviner. Isn't it just a forked twig? Micro-leaves - yes, could do that with left-overs in seed packets. I rather like the idea of cheerful seed markers. (If I had a jig saw I'd make them, but I don't.) Rather strangely, I can hear carol singers even though it's only half-past-three in the afternoon and light. I'm off to investigate.


Arabella Sock

I grew my own pet food once as a special treat for the puss babies. Cat grass! It grew long and lush in its little container but they both ignored it and ran outside and chomped my pennisetum and miscanthus instead. Such is the way with all presents...


Karen - thanks so much. And please, let me know how you get on with your poo (see, there's no end of fun to be had there.)

Elephant's Eye - it is rather gorgeous isn't it? Still, it clashes with our own playuhouse so I'm making my own from old wine boxes.

Janet - oh yes, he's a joy! Definitely wise to have the 'no adult presents' rule.

Esther - you are a woman after my own heart. Obviously, I look at these things and then baulk at parting with cash for any of them. But there's nothing wrong with window-shoppping. By the way, were you seeking out the carol singers in joy or anger? I couldn't tell.

Arabella - I think 'such is the way with all cats' would be more accurate.


What sort of wax?
Candle wax?
Ear wax?
Wax for Depilation?
Styling Wax?
The 1980's band Wax

I think I like to think he wants Sealing Wax for his more important correspondence.

Metropolitan Mum

Wax... I tripped over that too.
Love your list, especially the term 'destructive young gardener'.


Thanks for featuring forest pirate galleon, I like it.


or moustache wax.


James - Bees wax. He wants to put a first rate finish on the dining room table. Moustache wax next year as he's hoping to grow a DIck Dastardly version before he turns six.

MM - I now realise putting 'destructive' before 'young gardener' is as redundant as writing 'totally unique'. I mean, are there any other types?

Aiken - Glad you approve!

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